Trends To Try: Using Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Indoors
Design rules are made to be trends to try broken, so permission is now granted to try something different! Think beyond traditional ways and places to use lighting, and try one of these trends instead.

Hanging fixtures that are typically installed on a porch ceiling or overhanging a doorway entrance are ideal for inside areas, like an entry foyer. Brenham has a durable, handsome design that makes a welcoming statement, especially when hung as a pair in a large foyer.

Bring the outdoors inside by repurposing light fixtures that traditionally are only hung on a home's exterior. Yes, outdoor fixtures can be used inside the house. They're typically rated for damp and wet locations, which makes them ideal candidates to hang in bathrooms and kitchens, where water and steam may be present. And the best part about it, outdoor fixtures come in a variety of designs, just like indoor lighting. You'll find styles from traditional to contemporary, and design details like mixed metal finishes, unique glass and other adornments.

Union Square is inspired by a vintage gas lantern, but its square frame and sharp lines offer a modern, clean look. Try a pair in a mudroom or front entrance to greet guests in style. Declutter your nightstand and give the bedroom some added style by hanging a pair of pendants or wall lanterns next to the bed. Matching fixtures on either side of the headboard provide a balanced effect and frees up welcome space on the nightstand.

[article credit to Experience Progress Lighting, volume 7]

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